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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my order to get to my mailbox?
The processing time typically takes 2-3 weeks. Standard shipping adds an extra 2-3 days. Want your order faster? Choose our rushed processing option at check out!


Can I wash the bandanas or bow ties?

Of course! Machine wash them in cold water, and the line dry or tumble dry low. They will come out good as new!

How do I know what size to choose for my dog?
Measure your pup's neck, and add a little extra slack.

Extra Small - fits best on necks sized 9-12"
Small - fits best on necks sized 13-14"

Medium - fits best on necks sized 15-17"
Large - fits best on necks sized 18-21"

Extra large - fits best on necks sized 22-25"

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