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Meet Caroline, Holden & Sophie. We are a team, and not much will keep us apart. You may know Holden, commonly known as Holden the Golden, from Instagram, Facebook or even his blog. These two are the highlight of my life, and they bring a lot of happiness to the world, too!

Y'all, I am obsessed with dogs. So obsessed that I have them, even though I am allergic (oops!). They make me so happy, and they love me more than I could ever repay. 


Holden is the pup behind the idea of Waggin' Tails, which all started with a vision--- a vision to make dogs even cuter than they already are. While on vacation in December 2016, Waggin' Tails was created, with the idea to make bandanas to help spread adorableness across the world. Our mission is to create custom, durable and

high-quality bandanas that spread happiness to dogs and their humans. 


We are beyond thrilled to have you join our journey as we spread this joy to friends, both two-legged and those with four legs. We hope you become the proud owner of Waggin' Tails bandanas, and share the joy they will bring to you and your pup. 

If you'd like to keep up with all things Waggin' Tails, make sure to follow us on Instagram, @waggintailsco.

Caroline Bowers
Waggin' Tails Founder
Est. 2017 

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